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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

19th April 2009



The Muslim Prisoner Support Group has received information from sources within the High Security Unit (HSU) at HMP Belmarsh that a number of Muslim inmates have embarked on a hunger strike in protest against longstanding discrimination and mistreatment by the prison authorities.

The Muslims prisoners complain that there is a clear differentiation of treatment between themselves and non-Muslim prisoners.

Officers turn a blind eye to the abusive behaviour of non-Muslims but have a zero tolerance policy of any perceived misbehaviour by Muslim inmates,

More serious complaints include sleep disruption/deprivation, moving of cells every month, religiously insensitive body searches, deprivation of privileges, mistreatment by staff and lack of interest regarding long-standing requests for medical treatment.

A specific disturbing example that has been cited relates to the condition of one Muslim prisoner who had a catalogue of historical complaints regarding headaches, deterioration of sight, back pain and resulting stress which affected his preparation for a major trial.

It was only after the recent start of his trial, and the judge realizing that the prisoner’s condition and his ongoing absence would affect the smooth running of the trial, that the prison was ordered to arrange for an optician to attend upon the prisoner. The prisoner, however, was prescribed the wrong glasses, which aggravated his headaches and reduced his vision.

There have also been further troubling claims of staff brutality against 2 prisoners of Irish background.

The Prison Service has an on obligation to deliver an impartial and equal service to the entire prison community. Any discrimination cannot be tolerated.

The Muslim Prisoner Support Group is deeply concerned by these reports and is working with lawyers to protect and preserve prisoners’ rights.

Muslim Prisoner Support Group


West Beckham

Norfolk. NR25 6NX

Phone: +44 (0)1263 826288

Mobile: +44 (0)7796 126 880

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